Single Sign-On

Eliminate multiple software login and lack of connectivity. Login once and maintain continued patient/client context. Allow providers and patients one view of all of the necessary activity to enhance efficiency and usability.

Scheduling Integration Agent

Integrate online scheduling capabilities within your current practice management software using OrbCare’s integration agent. Allow your patients to confirm/book appointments online without the large clerical overhaul of switching systems.

Phone Integration

Eliminate phone backlogs and language barriers to save hundreds of administrative hours. Integrating directly into EMR to increase efficiency without changing the workflow for administrative staff.

EMR Integration Agent

Integrate with over 95% of EMR vendors to boost operational efficiency, (access to information and access to care) without disrupting underlying systems. Share data with other EMRs or embed your EMR within OrbCare. Create holistic patient overviews by combining data across multiple EMR systems.

HRM Integration

Direct Integration into Health Report Manager for secure data transfer. Prioritize critical reports to your referring practices while shorting time to receive and send results.

PACS Integration

Leverage HL7 PACS Integration to combine your current PACS provider and Orbcare into a single view. No longer needing to switch from software to software to have a complete contextual view of a patient.

Jurisdictional Integration Agent

Connect OrbCare with jurisdiction infrastructures and repositories for efficiency and regulatory compliance.