Implement the collaboration your providers and patients need to stay in touch.

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Audio/Video Conferencing

Enhance patient care and provide virtual consultations with secure, state-of-the-art video/audio conferencing. Allow patients the ability to receive care when physically unavailable and bill for e-visits accordingly.


Chat securely with registered patients to enhance accessibility to care and increase efficiency. Allow patients with non-life-threatening inquiries quick access to a healthcare provider and bill according.

Secure Messaging

Provide problem-specific education materials with our state-of-the-art clinical decision support system. Enhance access to care by providing a medium for physicians to communicate with patients at their earliest convenience, while being able to bill for this increase in care.

Circle of Care

Allow for a clearer picture of a patient care episode by including all relevant member of care to seamless exchange data and updates across team members. Reduces the need for multiple patient records and redundant overlap in information.

Anonymous conferencing

Provide clinical support through video/audio conferencing in instances where patients require anonymity. Offer a secure environment for clients that protects their identity, while maintaining the same quality of care.


Fully Customizable dashboard for both providers and patients. Allow for real-time analytics, upcoming appointments, secure messaging, timelines, encounters, patient rosters, and more. All configurable to meet specific preferences.

Group Discussion

Introduce the full care team of a patient into one place. Communicate, relay information. and collaborate in real time with other healthcare providers securely and online.

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