Key Differentiators

Phone Integration

Eliminate phone backlogs and language barriers to save hundreds of administrative hours.

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Digitize referrals, increase requisitions, prioritize urgent requests, and eliminate manual processes.
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Smart Messaging

Incorporate automated reminders, online booking, patient portals to increase patient satisfaction.

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OrbCare is a Unified Health Platform. Using our cloud-based solution, we make use of your existing investment and take away current barriers faced in your practice to create more efficiency and increase the quality of care.

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Like Your RIS? Great, let's make it better!

Although we have our own RIS platform today, we integrate features you don't have, without the need to switch out of any of these systems today.

HRM Integration

Direct Integration into Health Report Manager for secure transfer

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PACS Integration

Leverage HL7 PACS Integration to combine your current PACS provider and Orbcare into a single view.
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Online Scheduling

Give your patients the ability to schedule appointments based on type, physicians, and availability. Reduce no-show rates and administrative workload!
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Referring Physician Portal

Directly connect with referring physicians for reporting, and shorten result times!

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Reporting Worklists

Efficiently dictate, view priors, approve transactions, and auto-attach billing data

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Single Sign-On

Eliminate multiple software login and lack of connectivity. Login once and maintain continued patient/client context.
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Health Card Validation

Electronically validate health & insurance cards in seconds!

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Eliminate physical fax services. Send faxes instantly, no more need to batch send. Say goodbye to that screeching sound!
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Embrace a Unified Workflow

OrbCare has all the features to unify your technology investment and enhance the patient experience to provide better care.


Enhance patient engagement and care team communications through a suite of collaborative features for enhanced patient care.
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Patient Engagement

Improve care, save time and enhance patient satisfaction through effective patient engagement.
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Organization Management

Control how your organization operates and data flows through it to optimize effectiveness, efficiency and profit.
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Practice Management

Make your practice work smoothly for efficiency and profit.
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Clinical Documentation

Document the clinical encounter with a fully structured CDA r2 compliant data structure for efficiency and patient safety.
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Know your patients and your operations for increased profitability and a better patient experience.
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Connecting Agents

Unify your existing technology base and integrate the patient care experience.
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Turn-key Office

Secure unify your infrastructure for cost consolidation, reliability and simplicity.
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