OrbCare – Unified Health Cloud Platform for Healthcare Professionals

Featuring virtual care capabilities, flexible integration, and limitless functionality, OrbCare is the only software your organization will ever need – available any time, anywhere and on any device.

Product Features

Patient/Client Engagement

Connect, engage, and collaborate. OrbCare enables patients/clients to play a significant role as advocates for their own healthcare.

Featuring Virtual Care – Enhance reach and provide virtual care with secure, state-of-the-art, video/audio conferencing.

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Care and Documentation

Improve care, save time and enhance satisfaction with OrbCare’s documentation, diagnostic and treatment management tools, as well as care team communication functions.

Featuring OrbCare Anonymous – Provide clinical support through teleconferencing where anonymity and safety is needed.

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Business Operations Management

Increase productivity, efficiency and profits with OrbCare’s dynamic business management features. Enjoy superior record-keeping, optimized data flow and powerful analytics.

Featuring Software Integration – OrbCare seamlessly integrates with existing software.

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Patient/Client Engagement

Connect, Engage and Collaborate

Patients/clients, physicians and caregivers are transformed into healthcare partners through OrbCare’s suite of collaborative features.

Provider Search and Online Scheduling

Search for the right specialist online and then easily book an appointment in just a few clicks.

Video/Audio Conferencing

Enhance reach and provide virtual scheduled or “walk-in” appointments with secure, state-of-the-art, multi-person video/ audio conferencing.


Chat securely with online users to enhance interaction and efficiency.


Generate updates and appointment reminders via text messaging and email.

Online Sign-up

Extend your practice with online patient/client registration.

Referral Fulfilment

Involve your patient/client in the automated referral process through the direct collection of intake information.

Secure Messaging

Communicate sensitive information with embedded secure messaging services.


Provide problem-specific education materials with our state-of-the-art clinical decision support system.

Rx Renewals

Provide a list of prescriptions in need of renewal.


Provide instructions following the visit for enhanced quality of care.

Group Discussion

Engage your patient/client and care team members by setting up a group and starting a conversation.

OrbCare Anonymous

Provide clinical support through teleconferencing where anonymity and safety is needed.

Care and Documentation

Documentation, Diagnostic and Treatment Management Tools

Facilitate and document the clinical encounter with a fully structured CdA r2 compliant data structure for efficiency and safety.

Patient/Client Charts

Document and view a complete structured cumulative profile for efficient compliance with regulatory requirements.

PACS Integration

Pre-built integration with the Lexmark NilRead PACS.

Flow Sheets

View a graphical summary of interventions and data of a care episode.

Chronic Disease Management

Document and get updates on chronic diseases and manage follow-up for enhanced care.


Enter orders and automatically generate prescriptions and internal/external requisitions.

Work Lists

Organize specialist consultation into an efficient workflow – from clinical documentation and results review to integrated voice dictation to report review and sign-off.


Document and review results received.


Receive results electronically from external providers for accelerated care.


Transmit prescriptions electronically for enhanced safety and regulatory compliance.


Connect order entry electronically with external providers for enhanced care and regulatory compliance.

Clinical Decision Support

Enhance your practice and patient/client safety with our state-of-the-art clinical decision support system.

Care Team Collaboration

Enhance care team communication through OrbCare’s collaborative features.

Video/Audio Conferencing

Communicate through state-of-the-art, multi-person video/audio conferencing.

Secure Messaging

Communicate sensitive information with embedded secure messaging services.


Stay connected, with the ability to send faxes directly from your desktop.

Referral Management

Accelerate the referral process with tracking and management of electronic referrals for significant time and cost savings.


Chat securely with online users to enhance interaction and efficiency.

Care Circle

Display the care team to strengthen communication among those involved in the care episode.


share a timeline of relevant care information with the care team for a unified picture of the care episode.


Generate alerts, notifications and messages through the user’s communication preference (email, secure messaging, sms) to accelerate the care process and ensure nothing gets missed.

OrbCare Anonymous

Provide clinical support through teleconferencing where anonymity and safety is needed. OrbCare Anonymous enables a clinical connection in crisis situations where the patient/client needs the assurance of safety with their anonymity to get help

Pre and Post Questionnaire

Collect any information needed prior to the encounter and gather feedback on the service provided. Depart the encounter with follow-up messaging to encourage the patient/client to continue getting the help they need.

Anonymous Teleconferencing

Provide clinical support through video/audio conferencing where the patient/client contact demands anonymity that protects their identity.

Business Operations Management

Organization Management

Control how your organization operates and how data flows through it. Increase productivity, efficiency and profit.

Schedule Template Management

Allow clinicians to create schedule templates or deploy standard schedule templates across the organization.

Roles and Permissions

Enforce access with robust role-based security to ensure privacy.

User Management

Administer users and establish organizations standards in their accounts.


Allow clinicians to delegate tasks for optimal efficiency.


View relevant data and priorities upon login – arrive at the required location within OrbCare.


Ensure an efficient and profitable operation with out-of-the-box reports.

Time Management

Facilitate entry and tracking of staff time for efficient management of human resources.

Resource Management

Schedule people and resources within schedule templates for efficient access and allocation.

Contact Management

Create group distribution lists for enhanced staff efficiency.

Forms and Document Management

Manage organization-wide standards for custom forms and third-party electronic documents.

Roster Management

Assign and maintain client lists to speed up access to clinical information.

Broadcast Messaging

Keep the care team engaged and up-to-date with secure messaging, SMS, chat, eFax and email.

Practice Management

Automate and simplify daily tasks and administrative duties for a smooth, productive, efficient work flow.


Enter demographic and check-in information.

Online Scheduling

Put schedules online for patient/client self-booking to enhance satisfaction, reduce no-shows and keep the specialist and modality schedules.


Save time and increase revenue. Invoice, accept payments and collect claims with OrbCare’s powerful automated billing.

Third Party Billing

Automate eligibility inquiry and direct submission of third-party or claims forms.


Manage provider appointments and resource schedules for a smooth flow of patients/clients.

Intake and Assessment Forms

Ensure the correct information is collected with a referral or during a visit with custom forms, built using our form builder.

Merchant Services

Collect in-person or online with integrated merchant services powered by stripe.

Electronic Claims Management

Connect and manage claims with your primary source of billing revenue.

Turn-Key Office

Securely unify your infrastructure for cost consolidation, reliability and simplicity.

Office 365

Enjoy the latest productivity software from Microsoft.


Put schedules online for patient/client self-booking to enhance satisfaction, reduce no-shows and keep the specialist and modality schedules.


Automate and integrate your record keeping with cloud-based accounting.


Full turn-key internet service tailored to deliver OrbCare.

IP Phone

Provide each subscriber with an IP phone number.


Simplify HR/payroll functionality to support clinic practice.

Practice Intelligence

By seeing the bigger picture, you can provide more insightful and more targeted care, tailored to individual needs.

Resource Allocation

Know what resources you are using and what needs allocation.

Clinical Trends

understand and track disease trends to formulate health policy and intervene at the point of care.

Clinical Oversight

Enhance clinical oversight through audit and review of service delivery data to support resource policy and clinical practice standards.

Performance Support

Collect and report data on performance metrics established for your organization.

Connecting Agents

Unify your existing technology base and integrate the care experience.

Single Sign-On

Login once and maintain patient/client context for enhanced efficiency and safety.

Jurisdictional Integration Agent

Connect OrbCare with jurisdiction infrastructures and repositories for efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Scheduling Integration Agent

Integrate your scheduling software with OrbCare and put it online.

EMR Integration Agent

Share data with other EMRs or embed your EMR within OrbCare.