Manage your practice to operate seamlessly, for efficiency and profit. Get the features your practice needs configured to the needs of your patient

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Give patients access to clinic schedules online. Allow patients the abilities to schedule appointments based on type, physicians, and availability. Reduce no-show rates and administrative workload.


Fully Customizable dashboard for both providers and patients. Allow for real-time analytics, upcoming appointments, secure messaging, timelines, encounters, patient rosters, and more. All configurable to meet specific preferences.


Integrate directly into in-office kiosks in order to streamline patient registration at point of check-in. Significantly reduce administrative workload while increasing patient satisfaction.


Save time and increase revenue. Invoice, accept payments and collect claims with OrbCare’s powerful automated billing. Automate eligibility inquiry and direct submission of third-party or claims forms.

Results Delivery

Edit and share documentation among care team or digitally transfer data securely to other providers. Digitally launch results and instantaneously send information.

See it for yourself. OrbCare's features can help you manage your practice to operate more efficiently, saving you time and money.

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