Power to the Patient/Client

OrbCare enables patients/clients to play a significant role as advocate for their own healthcare, with easy-to-use functions which let them take control of when, where, and how they interact with their healthcare providers. Available free to all patients/clients of OrbCare registered providers.

With OrbCare, Patients/Clients can:

  • Seek help when needed
  • Search for the right specialist and schedule an appointment online
  • Register and fill out intake information pre-visit to save on waiting room times

  • Choose to have their visit in-person, by video conferencing, or on-demand (if provider is available)
  • Review appointment history and details
  • Receive appointment reminders & updates via SMS and email

Patient/Client Features

Find a Provider and Book Online

Search for the right specialist online and then easily book an appointment in just a few clicks.

Patient/Client Profile

Review history and details through individual profiles.


Online Intake Forms

Sign-in and fill out intake information online to save on waiting room times.


Receive updates and appointment reminders via text messaging and email.

Rx Renewals

Be provided with a list of prescriptions in need of renewal.


Video/Audio Conferencing

Engage in virtual appointments (scheduled or “walk-in”) through OrbCare’s secure, multi-person video/audio conferencing.

Group Discussion

Patient/clients and care team members can engage by setting up a group and starting a conversation.

Care Circle

The care team is displayed to strengthen communication among those involved in the care episode.



Receive instructions following a visit for enhanced quality of care.


OrbCare’s state-of-the-art clinical decision support system provides problem-specific education materials.