Condensed Wait Times

Relay results in days, rather than weeks. Reduce the time it takes for a requisitions to become confirmed appointments. Give your referring practices the ability to receive results faster to incentivize an increase in referrals.


Support and manage HR/Payroll among staff within a practice. Simplify payment schedules and work schedules directly within the OrbCare platform. No need for 3rd party services.


Use OrbCare’s customized KPIs to measure and track clinical performance. Allocate resources appropriately while managing staff effectiveness.


Integrate full bookkeeping and cloud-based accounting within your practice. Track billing submissions and automate submissions for seamless accounting services.


Save time and increase revenue. Invoice, accept payments and collect claims with OrbCare’s powerful automated billing. Automate eligibility inquiry and direct submission of third-party or claims forms.

Referring Physician Portal

Accelerate the referral process with tracking and management of electronic referrals for significant time and cost savings. Using OrbCare’s referring portal enables referring doctors and their staff to securely access reports and images, request appointments, manage patient eligibility.

Provider Search

Quickly locate the right person throughout OrbCare for quick access to their information.

eReferral Integration

Streamline the entire referral process – from referring physicians to patient appointment. Increase requisition, prioritize urgent reports, and eliminate manual processes.

IP Phone/Fax

Allow for complete digitization of phone and fax services within your practice. Eliminate manual scanning and attaching of incoming fax. Eliminate expensive landline services and integration VOIP phone.