Unified Health Cloud Platform

Available any time, anywhere, and on any device – OrbCare connects healthcare professionals, physicians, caregivers and patients/clients.

OrbCare, is a true multi-site, multi-tenant application that runs on a cloud infrastructure and can also be deployed as the customer prefers, either on-site, with a third party, or in our data centre which is connected to the eHealth One Network in Ontario. Our cloud solution runs on world-class infrastructures including Amazon Web Services in US, Europe and Asia and Azure in Canada and US.

Intuitive Design – Driven by Technology

At OrbCare, our mission is to put the control into your hands. Our powerful platform with state-of-the-art capabilities tailors the workflow to the needs of the customer, eliminating frustration in implementation and reducing the need for new training.

OrbCare streamlines the healthcare delivery process by:

1. Systematizing Core Functions

Individual specialties share core functions – such as patient/client registration, scheduling and reminders, documentation, and billing – regardless of the nature of care provided. OrbCare systematizes and automates these necessary core functions while intelligently adapting to the unique needs of each provider and clinician. It is a solution with incredible flexibility, able to meet the specialized needs of any clinic, with minimal set-up time.

2. Managing Documentation and Delivery

Users can document and view charts, order/receive tests and lab reports, view diagnostic images, and more. OrbCare documents the clinical encounter with a fully structured CDA r2 compliant data structure for efficiency and safety.

3. Embracing a Holistic View of the Patient/Client Journey

OrbCare follows the patient/client and care team, managing the workflow and documentation throughout the pre-visit, the consultation, and the post-visit. A single, extensive view of clinical and visit data is created across all care encounters, and is securely delivered to all those involved (regardless of the nature of their clinical practice) via a single access point. By allowing participation and collaboration throughout the entire journey, OrbCare enables providers, patients/ clients and caregivers to engage more meaningfully, creating more effective and informed healthcare decisions.

4. Connecting and Synchronizing

Powerful integration agents synchronize data with existing legacy systems, such as EMR or scheduling systems. Thereby, OrbCare makes use of existing investment and transforms it to enable a more engaging, cost-effective and connected service. Through a single sign-on, users can access all of their necessary applications related to the care environment. Icons for all normal business functionality, such as email, phone, office applications, and databases or EMRs enable the user to move easily and securely between them. Some or all of the customer’s business system functions can be moved to the cloud, minimizing or eliminating the cost and complexity of local IT systems.

5. Augmenting Management and Care with Real-Time Analytics

OrbCare’s powerful analytics tools allow for the effective administrative and clinical management of care at multiple levels of the system – from individual practitioner to jurisdiction. A more complete view of actionable data can be leveraged, allowing data from a single care encounter to be linked to public health data which can be shared back at points-of-care. This means more meaningful interventions can be realized across-the-board.

6. Empowering the Patient/Client

OrbCare’s platform gives patients/clients complete control over their healthcare and helps to create a more connected, customized and meaningful relationship between them and their healthcare providers.

Platform Features

  • Device-agnostic HTML5 user interface

  • Native apps for iOS; Android, Windows 8 planned

  • Complete RESTful APIs for seamless integration

  • True multi-tenant architecture

  • White-labelling solution that includes custom-branded mobile apps

  • Ecosystem Integration


  • Service-oriented architecture for consumption by external resources

  • Web services, HL7, v2.x v3

  • RESTful APIs

  • Built-In Integration

  • Third-party EMR

  • Laboratory

  • Imaging

  • Pharmacy

  • Voice dictation

  • Standards Compliance

  • Standard vocabularies for national and international compliance: ICD 9/10, SMOMED CT, LOINC

  • Clinical Documentation Architecture (CDA r2) for document sharing

  • Technology Platform

    OrbCare is built with state-of-the art technology for scalability and reliability, user mobility, and integration with legacy systems. It creates a platform for future growth as the environment demands increasing digitization.