So many features, so little time. Luckily we can fix that.

A graphic for the Orbie Chatbot

Meet Orbie

OrbCare’s newest feature is a personal healthcare companion for your organization. Using AI, you can deliver immediate care through SMS.

A graphic for the self check in tool

SMS Self Check-In

Get your patients from the waiting room to the procedure room faster, and allow your staff to focus on other tasks.

A graphic for the Phone Integration tool

Smart Caller Identity

Manage the hundreds of incoming calls you get when everything is right in front of you. Book the right appointment for the right patient and their dependants.

A graphic for the Smart Messaging tool

Smart Messaging

Send out appointment reminders, instructions for special testing and more with SMS.

A graphic for the Appointment Reminders tool

Appointment Reminders

Save administrative hours and have appointment reminders go out via email or SMS.

A graphic for the E-Referral tool


Simplify the process between primary care physicians and specialists. Make referral requests electronically and receive reports instantly.

A graphic for the HRM integration tool

HRM Integration

Connect MR and DI reports electronically, and keep your patients’ doctors informed.

A graphic for the Anonymous Conferencing tool

OrbCare Anonymous

Provide care for patients remotely who are uncomfortable sharing personal information.

A graphic for the Instruction Questionaire tool

Instruction Questionnaire

Prepare your patients for their next appointment and get feedback through SMS or Email.

A graphic for the Referring Physician Feature

Referring Physician

Enable referring doctors and staff to securely retrieve reports, images, appointment requests and more.

A graphic for the E-Fax Feature


Say goodbye to batch faxing with a completely digital solution to reduce costs, and prioritize information that needs to get to Health Care facilities sooner.

A graphic for the Video Audio Conferencing Consultation Feature

Video Audio Consultation

Bring your expertise to your patients using our multi-person video / audio conferencing.

A graphic for the Health Card Validation feature

Health Card Validation

Validate a patient’s healthcare in seconds with a colour-coded administrative review panel to prevent manual input errors.

A graphic for the Online Scheduling feature

Online Scheduling

Allow your patients the convenience of booking online. Communicate with your patients, confirm appointments and eliminate no-shows.

A graphic for the PACS Integration tool

PACS Integration

Get the full picture when using OrbCare’s PACS solution, or integrate your systems and save time.

A graphic for the Reporting Worklist feature

Reporting Worklist

Physicians can now dictate without the need for a manual scribe. Experience premium voice-to-text technology in your practice.

A graphic for the online scheduling feature

Online Booking

Update your patients when there is an opening in your online booking system and engage with them when they are referred within eReferral.

A graphic for the single sign-on feature

Single Sign-On

Implement an end-to-end solution with OrbCare. Sign in once and make your software work for you.